For those of you who have read the previous pages some of the following may be redundant. Please excuse the repetitiveness of some of this information. The attempt here is to create a clear picture of what we are doing.

Many people are considering us because they want a serious relationship that endures over time; a relationship that can, if the couple desires, lead to the development of a stable family with children. If you are tired of short term, failed, relationships, that create heart break and depression, then please read on. Match InK seeks to forestall this process from repeating itself by introducing an in depth effective remedy. This methodology was developed by the director, a trained marriage and couples counsellor, who has had over 25 years of experience helping people save their relationships. Here the attempt is to set you on the right path by carefully assessing your personality and forging a relationship process between you and the person you are attempting to develop a relationship with. Perhaps this is someone  you met at one of our parties or were matched with. 

In either case careful consideration of each individual’s particular personality is analyzed along with their history of relationships. Potential difficulties, which may occur within this new relationship, are spotted during the testing phase and hopefully prevented before they happen again. Or before the pattern gets ‘locked into place’. This is what is done in psychotherapy and this is what we do here at Match. Please take into consideration: this is not an attempt to bring people into psychotherapy; this is an attempt to help you have a healthy relationship.

Of course not all people who have elected Match-Making services will need or desire this type of intervention. Also many of you may already be in therapy and have this type of back-up in place. If you are in individual therapy but not in a group this may be recommended and so co-ordinated with your primary therapist. All groups are relationship oriented and therefore foster awareness of unconscious destructive relationship patterns.

Our point: in order to facilitate a healthy match we need to be sure that you are carefully screened in depth. This way you are both insured of a certain degree of reliability in your partner. Some of the personality problems that usually lead to a therapeutic referral are:

Substance abuse problems (a clear danger sign for the longevity of a relationship and an igniter of anger)

A history of overly aggressive or violent relationships

A history of poor performance in school or the work force

A history of familial dysfunctionality

Family history of anxiety, depression, panic disorders

Illegal activity or an arrest record

History of divorce

If any of these issues arise during the initial interviews it will be recommended that that individual enter into a therapeutic experience. During that time the therapist will be oriented towards helping that individual attain a level of awareness that will eventually foster the development of relationship stability