Segment I


Parties are open to all who wish to come.

People invited to our parties are demographically screened [i.e., upscale mailing and email lists, social media, word of mouth or referral by an associate of Match Ink connected through Psychology Today, EGPA, AGPA, NAAP or NAMA]

Each month Match InK will have open parties in preselected areas of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester County[White Plains], Rockland County[Nyack], Suffolk County.

Parties will be announced on social media [look for us on Face Book, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkin,etc, email, Village Voice, and if your email is registered on our list] and on this web site. You may also receive a direct mail piece several weeks before a party.​


All parties will be held in upscale settings. Dress code will be casual to semi-formal. Each party will address specific age groups and specific themes:

Young Adults: 21-35

Slightly Older Young Adults who are Nervous [and hear ‘ticking’*]: 33-45

Very Nervous Adults [who constantly hear ‘ticking’]: 43-55

Calmer Adults [who no longer care about ‘ticking sounds’]: 48-60: 

Single Parents and Divorced Singles: All Ages 

Jewish Singles: All ages, parties to be announced

Christian Singles: All ages, parties to be announced

These age groups should not be rigidly interpreted. For example, some men in there late forties, who look younger then their years may want to visit younger group parties and vice versa for women. 

At the parties an attempt is made by staff to create an atmosphere conducive to people meeting and talking to each other in a relaxed friendly environment. It is clear that all are here for the purpose of meeting a potential friend so we encourage a non-judgmental friendly climate to facilitate this event. No one will feel pressure or even be aware that there are facilitators around. The environment will simply be friendly and open. So have a good time and good luck with a potential match.
Point: Come to our parties and have a good time!