All parties are priced at $70
This can be paid through our web or at the door
We appreciate an RSVP so we know you are coming and so we can do a brief survey on you thus knowing you before you arrive

Match Making Services

This section is for matches that have occurred through meetings at one of our parties.

-Initial Testing and interview withThe Director or an Affiliate:   $250

-Acceptance as Member:   $500 per year

This entitles you to enter our data base and select as many as 10 matches during your membership period. A date will be set through our office. You will meet your match at one of our select restaurants.  After you have dated 3 or more times a meeting can be set with The Director, or an Affiliate.

During that time both of your profiles will be reviewed and you will be advised as to what problems, if any, you will most probably encounter in the future. It then becomes your choice to continue along with recommendations to remediate these potential problems or wait until a future time. These meetings are priced at $100 per session.


Segment III
This section applies for those individuals that want us to find them a Match. Either do not have the interest in, or the time for, going to parties.  Here you have luxtury of our finding a match for you. 

-Initial Meeting with The director or Affiliate:  $250

-Acceptance as Member:  $1500 per year

This entitles you to 10 matches per year. We will select different qualified members according to their similarity to your profile. Only the matches that you actually date are counted. If you go over your 10 matches before year end a surcharge can be arranged for more matches.

If the match is of interest to both parties, and you begin serious dating, it is recommended that an exploratory meeting with The Director  be arranged. During that time our findings will be carefully explained to you both and recommendations made. It is then up to you to follow our advise or postpone.

There is no additional fee for this service for Segment III members

Fees for Therapeutic Services:

We will attempt to take your medical insurance if you are covered for Behavioral Health Services

Individual Therapy

  • Without insurance: $125 per session

  • With Insurance: [co-pay]

 Group Therapy:

  • Without Insurance: $70 persession

  • With Insurance: [co-pay]

 Couples Therapy:

  • Without insurance: $150 per couple
  • With Insurance: [Co-pay per individual]